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An improvised dance.

Gamelan Meadow.

Musing on a loop.

From the Acoustic Guitar Forum CD 'Handmade Music'.

JR Rogers, founder of the Acoustic Guitar Forum, asked me to produce a CD album of acoustic guitar music performed on a selection of beautiful handmade instruments created by some of the world's finest luthiers. The luthiers selected a guitar they felt represented their best work, some of the finest examples of contemporary acoustic guitars in existence, and matched it with a player they felt most suited to  bringing forth the spirit of their instrument.

Gamelan Meadow emerged from a gorgeous rosewood and cedar Grand Auditorium model made by Australian luthier Michael Palm.

I was shutting down the studio after a fairly uninspired hunting session.

A casual hit of harmonic at the twelfth fret followed by a little tapping run on the bottom string to punctuate the end of the night.

Oh, that could be fun.

I hit record, did the harmonic thing again and kept going for a few minutes.

I edited a couple of clams but otherwise this is how it happened.

Night Garden.  

A spontaneous duet

2011, January 8th. I was admiring the battered Calton guitar case and wondering what kind of tales it could tell when he introduced himself.

Hi, I'm Krippmn,  Krippmn Voojt.

Are you Finnish? I asked.

No, long way to go yet. was his reply.

I liked him immediately.

Your guitar? I gestured at the Calton.


Your guitar? He enquired miming fingerpicking with both hands and wiggling an eyebrow.

Yes I do.

Over coffee Krippm told me that he was only in town for one day and that he had an urgent need to 'make record'.

He played me a melancholy waltz in a sneaky Cm tuning and before he had finished playing I was trying to remember

if anything else mattered. It didn't - so we went into the studio.

I asked if he would play the waltz again. He said he couldn't.

I never play same thing once. Perfect music sound like robots. He stated.

Fine, so what shall we record?

You hit Go and I play. When I end I look at you and you hit STOP.


An hour and a half later Krippmn's solo album 'Catching a Triangle' had been composed and recorded.

Do you want to edit anything, you know, fix a few flubs or anything?

Why change it? It's as was is.

Cool. What about mastering Krippmn?  

Any peaks hit 0dB? he asked.


OK then, everyone owns a volume knob. Is done!


Three years later Krip called me out of the blue.

Stop-over in town tomorrow, only a couple of hours, let's record something together?

Same thing once? I asked.

Absolutely never! he replied.

We improvised and recorded one tune and he was gone again.

As he got into the cab for the airport I realised we hadn't named the tune.

What do you want to call it?

He closed the cab door and rolled down the window.

You can think the name something.

Later that night the back garden was full of twinkling jewels from the drizzling autumn rain.

I connected my phone to my trusty Shakey Cam™ attachment and shot the footage in the Night Garden.


Play and response.

Playing around with the Zoom H5 recorder's XY microphone for the first time and trying the "overdub" feature. Featured in the documentary "Shaping Character" by Teone Reinthal. Thanks for the fun video Krippmn.

Electric Ocean

Griffith Film School Thursday.

Have you met Daniel?

No. Who is he?

Daniel Bartos. He's here from Czech Republic giving a talk about the electro didgeridoo. You two should jam.


Saturday I dusted off my amp, borrowed some fx pedals and set up opposite Daniel with his didge, amp and fx pedals in the sound stage at film school with a Sound Devices 722 recorder, two lovely old Sony mics and coffee. (what more do you need?)

Let's find out what happens if we just start playing?

OK see you at the other end.

We played for a few hours and had a ball. In some pieces we were whisper quiet and at other times we got pretty cranked. Daniel got more feedback than I did and it didn't matter how close I put my nose to my pickups I couldn't get that breathy whistley thing going like he does. But I did have the whammy bar on the Steinberger GL2T...

Electric Ocean is a track from Follow the Tiger, the CD album we have compiled from the recordings of our improvisations.

The Hope Project

Lots of hope...